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Support International Transpersonal Center Holos for 2020

Dear friends, supporters of transpersonal psychology, another year has passed, but when we look back, we see a lot of work helping our clients, and we think a responsible approach to everything we do.

None of this would be possible without your support. We would like to thank you through this letter for the whole year that we have been working together to help people with various mental health problems, spiritual emergency, children and whole families. But also for everything that has led to our consciousness and awareness of mental health, interpersonal relationships, the development of our personalities.

Soon the New Year will knock on the door and we already know that it will be very challenging year. New possibilities are opening up, which are related to the overall renaissance of mental health care - the rise of the field of transpersonal psychology, psychedelic therapy, and many other therapeutic approaches. We want to continue to ride this wave next year, thus contributing both in the Czech Republic and in Europe to the great transformation needed for our society.

We hope to receive your support next year, both from our current supporters and from those of you who have met us for the first time this year. We will be grateful for your support in a major project which will culminate next year in the visit of Stan Grof in our center. It´s his legacy that we try to develop day by day through our work in the Holos Center.

We will be grateful for any support, so that we can further expand the capacity of our Holos Center through construction works, material support, but also financial support, so that it is possible to employ and receive the best therapists and trainers not only from the Czech Republic to our center.

Thank you all for creating a future together for our children, for our planet, warm thanks for your support. Many Advent greetings from Vlaštovičky to you all!

Milan Hrabánek

founder of the International Transpersonal Center Holos

Tomáš Váňa

director of the International Transpersonal Center Holos

PS: Here you can support our Holos Center:

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