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Reflection on May


Dear friends,


May was an inspiring and enriching month for our Holos Center, filled with events that provided new opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery.


We kicked off the month with a trip by the Hiking Club to Ondřejník. Together, we reached the highest peak of the Ondřejník mountain range – Skalka. During the hike, we enjoyed the rocky terrain, beautiful forests, and breathtaking views from the ridge. It was a great opportunity to stretch our bodies and savor the beauty of nature. Another interesting event was a creative workshop focused on jewelry making. Participants had the chance to explore their creativity and create their own unique jewelry pieces. This workshop was perfect for those looking to take a break from daily responsibilities and immerse themselves in the world of creation.


In the middle of the month, we held a week-long self-discovery retreat of type I. This intensive retreat offered participants a safe environment for deep self-work and the opportunity to deeply know themselves. The program was designed to support personal growth and transformation. At the same time, we also opened the Holotropic ART exhibition at Holos, where we showcased the works of Petra Paušová. The vernissage was part of the Holotropic ART project and provided a space for encountering art that arises from deep inner experience.


The end of the month was dedicated to further activities focused on self-discovery and regeneration. A one-day seminar on Grof's breathwork in a small group offered participants the chance for deeper self-knowledge and personal growth through holotropic breathwork. The Lotos sharing group provided a space for open communication and sharing experiences, bringing support and understanding among participants.


We concluded May with Relaxation with Healing Music. This event offered moments of peace, rest, and harmony with the help of healing instruments, helping participants replenish their energy and harmonize. This month was full of events that supported our personal growth, creativity, and well-being. For more detailed information about events and activities, please refer to our regular newsletters and our website. We look forward to meeting you!


The Holos Center Team


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