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We would like to offer you our accommodation!

We can offer rooms with two or three beds, which in total have the capacity for 10 people. We then have additional beds in the lecturer’s apartments.
The accommodation is mainly for our clients of self-exploratory stays or for participants of our events. We recommend it for the clients of our therapeutic programs, who have the option to arrive a day earlier, so that they can get accustomed to the environment, mentally prepare themselves and get a rest in order to be ready for the program in full strength.

Booking of the accommodation before or after a session can be done in the application form of Book a meeting. The accommodation as part of an event can then be booked within the specific event.

For any other kind of accommodation request, please contact us by email, mobile phone or use the contact form below.

Personal retreat

There are many occasions, where we have free capacity, which is opens the opportunity to schedule your own retreat or to just get a break from everyday life.
Our comfortable accommodation, homelike atmosphere and quiet environment are the ideal combination for people wanting a moment of peace, rest or even a holiday. We are happy to offer you such regenerative moment for your physical, mental and spiritual health. Walk through our meditative garden and watch, as the wind bends the blades of the grass.

Why go on a retreat?

A couple of days long retreat can help you in many aspects, which generally revolve around personal development, life changes and transformation;

  • Connect deeply with yourself, with your inner authenticity, with your true Self.

  • Explore your psyche by asking difficult questions and move forward in life.

  • Get some time for thinking through an important life decision or reach an understanding of some of your personal troubles.

  • Allow yourself deep relaxation with the feeling of great comfort, which clears up tension and fully recharges your battery.

  • Create a space for the study of some topic, create art and express your creativity.

  • Find purpose in your life and give it a meaning beyond the material concerns.


Retreats can help save you from the worries of life situations, improve your health, reach greater satisfaction in life and get closer to the realization of your true potential.

What to do on a retreat?

Our space is ideal for inner work, but you can spend your time in any way you would like;

  • Meditate and practice yoga.

  • Think about your life and plan the next steps.

  • Explore your artistic self – paint, dance, sing…

  • Hold a fast and face your fears.

  • Abstain from your typical activities and practice humility.

  • Dive into academic or spiritual research.

  • Allow yourself a restful holiday. :)

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