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Individual therapy and self development

Each of us undergoes difficult phases in life and sometimes we need help on this journey. Our team of therapists from across the Czech Republic is ready to offer you professional treatments in many different life situations with the use of techniques from transpersonal psychology and holistic medicine.


Our services are mainly for people…

  • Interested in personal development and deeper self-exploration

  • Looking for spiritual orientation, more meaningful approach to life and a dialog with people of similar focus

  • Growing up in disharmonious families

  • Wanting to strengthen their artistic creativity

  • Undergoing difficult phases in life (divorce, death of a relative, loss of occupation etc.)

  • Experiencing a spiritual emergency

  • Participating in some of the addiction treatment programs

  • Looking for an effective preventative measure against habit-forming conditions

  • Working with other people as consultants, therapists, health professionals etc.

What techniques do we use? 

For the treatment and relief of your situation, we use the following therapeutic and supportive techniques, which we will recommend to you during your consultation and will be applied by our therapist after your agreement.

  • Individual consultations

  • Meditative and relaxation techniques with focus on self-exploration

  • Techniques of expressive therapies

  • Sandplay technique

  • Holotropic breathwork

  • Bioenergetic and kinesthetic exercises

  • Active and passive music therapy

  • Techniques for positive adjustments of your mind for the future

  • Bach’s flower remedy, phytotherapy – preparation of your own herbal mixture



How to begin? 

You can book an opening consultation with MUDr. Milan Hrabánek via a phone call. During the opening consultation, which typically lasts one hour, we will discuss your situation and we will evaluate, what can we offer and how can we help. Then, we will create together your therapeutic plan.

Consultations are done only in person at Holos Center in Opava-Vlaštovičky, not via a phone call or any other method. We also offer an accommodation before or after your consultation.

Following work can involve our offer of therapeutic programs at Holos Center, be it as an outpatient, participant of weekend seminars or self-exploratory residential stays. It is also possible to utilize the services of our whole therapeutic team, which can be found across the Czech Republic.

We do not provide this service in English, for now

Center Holos

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