Regular courses

Holos has many years of experience in doing dance classes and a series of accomplishments at national and international contests. They are led by international level trainers Milan Hrabánek with his daughter Barbora. During the year we also organize dance workshops, where we collaborate with for example Kuba Mazůch, Míša Gatěková and other professional dancers.


Currently we are focusing mainly on dancing for wellbeing, for people of all ages. The Dance club Holos meets twice a week to practice Latin-American and standard dances in formation, in which they then attend ball dancing and other social events.


The Night dance class for adults is tailored towards beginner pairs, who would like to learn the basics of Latin-American dance (chacha, bachata, salsa, merengue…) and standard dance (waltz, polka, tango…), which they can then use at ball dancing or other social events. The goal of the course is to introduce the beginners to the fundamentals of the dance and help them learn it within 12 classes. The course usually begins in January and in September.


Lady Styling is a class for solo women focusing on Caribbean dance (bachata, salsa, chacha, merengue…). We have classes for beginners and also intermediates. The course usually begins in January and in September.

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Online přenosy z karantény :-)

Od března jsme museli přestat kvůli epidemii scházet, ale ani to nás od tance neodradilo! Pět týdnů jste mohli každý čtvrtek od 18 hodin tančit s námi ve svém obýváku. A pokud jste to nestihli, všechny záznamy si můžete pustit tady: 

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Nové pravidelné kurzy budeme vypisovat od září 2020.

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The activities of the Dance club Holos are supported as part of the project "Let’s move our body at any age" by the Municipality of Opava in the program Prevention of crime.