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International transpersonal center Holos

Is a non-profit organization, in which we care for the mental health of people.

We help people solve the root causes of their problems in a natural way without medication.

We offer the option of accommodation in a safe and supportive environment.

We organize personal development seminars, cultural, educational and social events.

„The purpose of Holos is to look after the spiritual health of people by using a holistic approach towards life, scientifically develop and promote methods of transpersonal psychology and holistic medicine.“

Our team realizes our purpose by offering psychotherapeutic services in a safe environment of Holos Center. We also have a network of co-operative therapists across the Czech Republic.

We can help

  • in difficult phases of life (divorce, death of a relative, loss of occupation etc.)

  • In spiritual emergency (with the option of accommodation)

  • In the integration of a difficult psychedelic experience ("bad trip")

  • With specific mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, insomnia, phobias, mania, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, PTSD and more)

  • With psychosomatic illnesses (migraines, asthma and others)

  • In your self-exploration and personal development


What is transpersonal psychology?

Transpersonal psychology is a modern psychology field focused on transpersonal, transcendental or spiritual aspects of the human experience. One of the main founders is prof. MUDr. Stanislav Grof, Ph.D. The predecessor of transpersonal psychology is considered to be Carl Jung.

What techniques are used in Holos?

  • Individual and group psychotherapy

  • Holotropic breathwork

  • Sandplay technique

  • Bioenergetics

  • Art therapy

  • Music therapy

  • Bach’s flower remedy, phytotherapy

  • And more…


Holos is also a cultural and social center. We organize cultural events, concerts, ball dancing and exhibition. Every year there is a musical festival "Vlaštovské schody" in Holos Center.

We focus on organizing shows of holotropic art – art, which was created through extraordinary states of consciousness.

vtvarn-plenr-8. - 14.7028.jpg

We offer a whole array of creative workshops, where you can develop your skills in drawing, painting, pottery, singing or dancing. You can let yourself draw into a drum circle and activities with other healing musical instruments.

We have one-day, weekend and week long courses. Always with great teachers and in beautiful environment.

Holos is also a publisher and a film producer.

We publish books of Stanislav Grof, but also of other meaningful authors.

We created documentary movies Holotropic breathwork in water and From Darkness of the Soul… Light.


We focus on public education and awareness. We organize lecturs, seminars and conferences for laic and expert audience.


From 2014 we regularly organize the  program of Stanislav Grof in the Czech Republic and in Poland.

We are also the organizers of…

The First Czech transpersonal conference (2016), 

International transpersonal conference (2017), 

Conference 75th anniverssary of LSD in science and art (2018)

We realize scientific research in the field of transpersonal psychology and psychiatry, we are especially focused on research into the effects of holotropic breathwork on the human psyche.

"Currently, we are assessing the data, which we have collected through questionnaires as part of the research The effect of holotropic breathwork on specific personal characteristics."


The International transpersonal center Holos is located in Opava - Vlaštovičky.

It was possible to build it up to its current form thanks to the support of people, who see our work as meaningful and trust us.

Thank you! :)

Only the last part of the center is now waiting for its completion - a hydropavilion, which will enable us therapy in water.

If you would like, you can support us in many different ways:

  • Send us a financial donation (support us)

  • Help us out with our work as a volunteer (volunteer center)

  • Buy a product from us (E-shop)

  • Have you already tried our services?
    We would be very happy, if you would share your story of your healing process and evaluate our work that way (references)

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