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International Transpersonal Center Holos provides safe environment and accommodation for people going through spiritual emergency and other crisis situations. We use and develop methods of transpersonal psychology such as Holotropic breathing, Sandplay, art therapy, music therapy and many others. We work under the supervision of Stanislav Grof.

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We aren't supported by government, so any contribution you make means a lot to us!
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1. Support us financially - regularly or one-time

Regular or one-time financial contributions are a great help for us in the operation of our center, in the care of clients and to do awareness-raising projects.

You can also deduct the amount of the donation from the tax base.

Even just 10 Eur monthly is a significant help for us. 

2. Support the expansion of our Center

Last part of the Holos Center is still awaiting completion.
The relaxation area with saunas and swimming pool will allows us to offer holotropic breathing in water, which makes the experiences of birth trauma more easily accessible and speeds up recovery of clients. 

We need about 600 000 Eur to make it happen. 


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