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Spiritual emergency

Spiritual crisis, or spiritual emergency, is a crisis of person’s spiritual development. It presents itself in episodes of extraordinary experiences, including changes in consciousness, which extend beyond the typically defined boundaries of the Self, that is a shift towards transpersonal experiences. The individual can see this state as an inner psychological process and can approach it in that manner.

Working with this diagnosis, which is already recognized as legitimate in the world, is not yet common in the Czech Republic. Anywhere from 20 to 25% of people, who are today diagnosed as psychotic, are in reality experiencing a spiritual crisis.

Our goal is to provide people undergoing a spiritual crisis with the needed support in their process of transformation.

Holos Center is the only facility in the Czech Republic offering an outpatient care with the option of accommodation in a protective environment.

We can offer people undergoing a spiritual emergency: 

  • Consultations and guidance with our therapists (ambulatory medical care)

  • Individual self-exploratory residence stays

  • Accommodation with available 24-hour care for overcoming difficult phases of the crisis.

  • The use of transpersonal psychology techniques in outpatient care and also during residence.

    • Holotropic breathwork, Sandplay, Art therapy, Music therapy, Phytotherapy and more

We do not provide this service in English, for now

Center Holos

Documentary movie about spiritual emergency

For the purpose of public education and more detailed description of the spiritual emergency, we have created in collaboration with Viliam Poltikovič the documentary movie From Darkness of the Soul... Light.
It is possible to buy the international version of movie online via the following link.  

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