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Reflection on April

Dear friends,

April was once again full of unforgettable events and activities at our Holos Center, which opened up new opportunities for exploration and experiencing life.

At the beginning of the month, we gathered for a one-day Grof® Breathwork seminar in a small group, which provided us with space for deeper relaxation and regeneration while allowing us to immerse ourselves in the process of profound self-discovery.

During April, we also had the honor of hosting a weekend voice and singing workshop with Brigitte Cmuntova titled "Spring Voice Awakening." Participants learned to connect with their own voice through various vocal exercises, movement, and breath work, leading to not only the development of vocal abilities but also strengthening the conscious connection with their own bodies and emotions.

This was followed by another Grof® Breathwork seminar in a small group, which once again offered participants the opportunity for deeper self-work and self-discovery. Participants were able to immerse themselves in the process of transformation and personal growth under the guidance of experienced facilitators.

During the week-long self-awareness retreat type I, we had the opportunity to deepen our self-awareness in a safe and supportive environment. This event facilitated personal growth and self-discovery within a comprehensive program.

The Lotus Sharing Group provided us with a space for open communication and sharing of our experiences and emotions. The meeting, available both in person and via Skype, brought support and understanding among participants.

Relaxation with healing music brought moments of calm, rest, and harmony with the help of healing instruments. This event offered space for regeneration and energy renewal.

The Tourist Club this time took us on a trip to the beauties of Krnov, where we had the opportunity to visit the pilgrimage church of the Virgin Mary of the Seven Sorrows and admire the beauty of nature from the Cvilín and Hanse Kudlich lookout towers.

April brought us a rich program of events that supported personal growth, self-awareness, and harmony with our own selves.

For more detailed information about events and activities, please refer to our regular newsletters and our website. We look forward to meeting with you!

Holos Center Team



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