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Minutes from the 14th Transpersonal forum of the Czech Republic

Updated: May 6, 2021

The forum took place on April 25, 2021, in the online environment in the TEAMS program. It was attended by approximately 60 participants.

Milan Hrabánek and Tomáš Váňa presented the Transpersonal Forum, its history, and long-term projects.

Subsequently, they presented the activities of the Holos Center.

  • The capacity of the center has been expanded by 16 beds to a total of 32.

  • Continuation of research on holotropic breathing

  • Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Grof® Legacy Training - Holos

  • Invitations to events - Summer with Holos

  • Plan of publishing the book From the Darkness of the Soul… Light in Autumn 2021

  • Another wave of Holotropic Art in 2022 (reconstruction of the castle in Linhartovy)

  • Construction of a hydro pavilion - final 4th stage of the Holos Center - search for sponsors

  • Presentation from the forum:

Contributions from participants:

Miroslav Horák, Ph.D. (Mendel university in Brno)

Legal aspects of the usage of ayahuasca in the Czech Republic

Thank you very much in advance for the opportunity to participate in the Transpersonal Forum. It was a great honor for me! I am sending my presentation (in English) under the following link.
I also enclose two documents that I wanted to show the audience, but for technical reasons this was not possible. I believe they will impress.
Best wishes, Mirek”

Jana Merhautová (Eko Art Therapy Institute z.s.)

Eco Art Therapy – Eremitic stay in nature

Jana Merhautová introduced the Eco Art Therapy technique in the form of a picture presentation, which she uses to treat a number of psychiatric illnesses.

PhDr. Zlata Hálová, CSc. (Psychocentrum Brno)

Therapeutic experience with breathing through II. Basal Perinatal Matrix

In her contribution illustrated by the mandalas of her clients, Dr. Zlata Hálová acquainted us with the therapeutic significance of working with II. BPM.

MgA. Jana Zichová, Ph.D.

Psychospiritual crisis and sound

Jana Zichová introduced us to her own experience of the psychospiritual crisis, through which she began to create sound and music.
"Below I send the promised songs from today's meeting. The first three are from the psychospiritual process and were mentioned in the presentation. The other two are from my current project, from the "band of inner voices and sounds of Nitara". (It's kind of "one woman band", where I play and sing everything). My websites are also mentioned on youtube, but these are still under development.
Thank you once again for the opportunity to share the discused matter, and for the beautiful and stimulating meeting.
Greetings, JZ


During the discussion, for example, the topic of the therapeutic use of virtual reality was also discussed.

Dawe Weiss recommended the Lumenate mobile app for self-discovery.

Lumenate quickly turns the smartphone's flash on and off, aiming it at my closed eyes in the dark. For 15 minutes, my field of vision is filled with vivid images, patterns and visions. Nice meditation music plays in the background. Supposedly there is a research behind it and these are sequences of stroboscopic light. They describe it as a semi-psychedelic meditative state of consciousness. The application provides a few simple programs for free. ”

Dawe describes more detailed experiences in a Facebook group

At the end of the forum, the opening of the online exhibition of Milan Hrabánek alias Viktor E. Sarga entitled “From the depths” took place. You can view the exhibition here:

Thank you to all participants for a pleasant shared space and we look forward to the next meeting in autumn 2021!


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