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Canadian psychiatrist Paul Grof will visit the Holos Center

On Sunday, September 11, 2022, we will welcome Paul Grof, a Canadian psychiatrist with Czech roots, Stanislav Grof's brother, to the Holos International Transpersonal Center in Opava-Vlaštovičky.

Paul Grof is a professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto and director of the Center for Affective Disorders in Ottawa. At the same time, he is the professional guarantor of the Grof® Legacy Training - Holos psychotherapy training, which has been taking place in the Holos Center since September 2021.

Paul will participate in the 4th module of this training and will give a lecture on near-death experiences and their influence on a person's next life. This topic fits into the thematic focus of the entire training module, in which students will further encounter the themes of guiding people through the process of dying and grieving, but also the psychospiritual aspects of ego death and the symbolism of death and rebirth. These topics will be lectured by Jan Benda, Viliam Poltikovič and Milan Hrabánek in this module.

We believe that a personal visit by a prominent psychiatrist at the Holos Center in Opava will further support the students on their way to becoming transpersonal therapists.

The final circle of students and lecturers on the third training module, which took place in March 2022.



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