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Applications for Grof® Legacy Training – Holos are still open!


Dear friends,

We would like to inform you that applications for the Grof® Legacy Training – Holos (GLT) are still open. We are currently evaluating the applications we have received and will see how many make it through the selection process. We anticipate that there will still be room to accept additional alternates, so we are keeping the application process open. If you feel that transpersonal psychology is your path, you still have the opportunity to join this prestigious training held at our Holos Center.

The GLT training is a unique program focused on deep self-work and the development of therapeutic skills within the holotropic approach. Participants will learn Grof's breathwork techniques, client work, the basics of transpersonal psychotherapy, and many other skills needed to support personal and spiritual growth. The program is led by experienced instructors with extensive experience in holotropic therapy and transpersonal psychology. We will gradually invite the registered candidates to a personal selection process where we look forward to meeting and discussing their motivation and interest in the GLT training. The selection process is designed to ensure that each participant is prepared and suitable for this intensive and transformative training.

Don't hesitate and apply today! The GLT training offers a unique opportunity for personal development and gaining deep knowledge and skills that can benefit both you and your clients. More information about the program, its structure, requirements, and application conditions can be found on our website.

We are convinced that the GLT training will bring each participant not only new professional knowledge but also deep personal experiences and transformations that will enrich their lives. If you are interested in becoming part of this exceptional community and gaining access to the latest insights and techniques in holotropic therapy, do not hesitate to apply.

We look forward to you and to sharing this exciting journey together.

The Holos Center Team



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