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Support to Ukraine - offer of accomodation

We would like to express our great support and gratitude to the people of Ukraine and to all of us who are deeply affected by the current events associated with this unprecedented and inexcusable aggression against life.

We have decided to reserve one apartment with three beds in our Holos Center, Opava, Czech Republic, which we offer to refugees from Ukraine, free of charge for the time needed. Please share this offer among your friends. A good form of help is also contributing to one of the humanitarian public collections.

The whole situation certainly has a transpersonal dimension, as Stan and Brigitte Grof point out. Each of us can contribute by inner work in holotropic states of consciousness to transform the archetypal energies of violence and suffering into the energy of love, peace and compassion. "By personal prayer to establish peace."

On behalf of the Holos Center: Tomáš Váňa, Milan Hrabánek



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