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Tomas Vana

Director of the center


+420 607 794 757

Curriculum vitae:

He was born in 1988 in Prague. Here, in 2004, he began studying the Japanese martial arts of Iaido and Jodo. Since then, he regularly successfully participates in Czech and international competitions in these disciplines and has been teaching them in Opava since 2011. He studied Japanese philology and applied economic studies at the Palacký University in Olomouc. He continued his studies with a follow-up master's degree at the University of Silesia, Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship in Karviná, which he successfully completed with an engineering degree in 2013.

In 2010, he became a member of the civic association Holos and, as a volunteer, since then managed the website, did the association's administration, accounting, projects and helped with event preparations.

Since 2014, he participated in the organization of the Stan Grof program in the Czech Republic. As a member of Holos, he organized its lectures in the Czech Republic, several conferences and international seminars on holotropic breathwork.


In 2016, he participated in the organization of the 1st Czech transpersonal conference.

In response to the new Civil Code, he prepared and implemented a change in the legal form of Holos and in 2017 he was appointed its director.


He was the main organizer and member of the preparatory committee of the International Transpersonal Conference ITC Prague 2017. He also co-organized a holotropic breathwork workshop at an international seminar with over 200 people attending this conference. Also in 2017, as director of Holos, he organised the International exhibition of holotropic art, where world names such as H.R. Giger, Roberto Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Stan Grof and Brigitte Grofová presented themselves alongside Czech artists.


​In 2018, he organizes in Ostrava conference on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the discovery of LSD with the participation of Stan Grof. On this occasion, together with Milan Hrabánek for Holos, he presents Stan Grof with the Nautilus award for lifetime contribution in the field of consciousness research. ​

Since 2020 he has studied psychology at the Universitas Humanitas Philia Pragensis

In 2021 he became student of Grof® Legacy Training - Holos and at the same time, from the position of director of Holos, he is also its organizer. 

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