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Exhibition of Paintings by Petra Paušová at Holos Center


Echoes of Holotropic ART – Petra Paušová

Petra Paušová is like the wind, touching souls with her paintings, the sound of her voice, and the healing energy she brings to the world. Her journey has been full of trials, but she has never lost faith. She has learned to listen to her heart at every moment, rising from the ashes like a Phoenix. Her life is a mosaic of various roles – masseuse, shaman, healer, therapist, painter, poet, and many more. But in each of these roles, the unifying element is love. Love for people, love for art, love for life.

In her work, she focuses on energetic harmonization and swing balance techniques that help individuals find balance both internally and externally. Her paintings are not just artworks; they are portals into her soul, into a world of beauty and love where she resides. Petra Paušová is not just an artist; she is a guide on the path to consciousness, where all parts of our being unite. Her creations are a light in the darkness, a melody in the noise, and a healing touch for our hearts.

If you missed Petra's Sunday opening, don't worry! Her paintings will be on display at Holos Center until July 11th. Come and experience the work of this unique artist!


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